It is quite a record that for every minute $88,000 is spent globally by shoppers buying products on Amazon. Every seller on Amazon would like to get a share of this amount per minute from these shoppers worldwide, but unfortunately, many end up without a sale for days.

In order to help you get the best from Amazon shoppers and to become a competition among Amazon sellers, we have prepared 5 most helpful tips, which have worked for several Amazon successful sellers to guide you in increasing your sales on the marketplace.

  1. Improve Your Amazon Sales with Good Product Image: It is evident that selling on Amazon is like selling a product to a consumer who has seen neither the product nor you before; hence, all the customer has are your guarantees, warrantees, and promises, which are just your words. Nevertheless, there is a saying that a good image is far much better than 1000 words. Therefore, in order to give your customer a clear picture of what your product is like, you should ensure that your product image has the following qualities.
    • Avoid blind flash spots on the image especially in the middle of the phone. Hence, you should use a flash diffuser.
    • Moderate the shadow of the image while taking the pictures, so that it does not draw the viewer’s attention away from the product image.
    • Use white background for your product; Amazon only accepts white background.
    • Scale the picture size to represent the right size of the product.
  2. Get Good Reviews: The power of reviews is equivalent to the power of personal recommendation and should never be taken for granted if you want to increase your sales on Amazon or eBay. You can ask your customers to give you a review with picture or videos of themselves using your products. Reviews with pictures of your client or customer using your product can work wonders on your level of sales.
  3. Employ a Good Pricing Strategy: Price difference is a major factor on the level of sales between retailers selling similar products on eBay or Amazon. You should employ discount codes, discount deals, promotional offers or voucher codes that offer up to 50% of discount on purchases. Such offers may tent to be non-profitable for now, but at the long run, when you have higher customer base, better reviews and exposures, you will tend to achieve higher sales even with normal prices.
  4. Improve Your SEO: Amazon offers 500-character limit for product title, if you can get good keywords within your product title, you will improve your Amazon listing, thereby increasing your traffic and sales. Your keywords should include product brand description, product line, constituent materials, color, size and quantity. Amazon keyword tools can help you to generate long tailed keyword that would be helpful in promoting your listing.
  5. Stay Competitive: Having talked about the effect of discount codes, SEO, good reviews and quality image, we believe it is pertinent to mention that staying competitive in terms of product pricing is key to increasing your sales. Amazon, eBay and other market places cherishes product availability, customer fulfillment and experience, but on the other hand, they would like to see you gain while trading on their platform. It is expected that you can make over 20% of profit while trading on Amazon, but do not be carried away with profit, while your competitors are cutting prices and making higher sales. Therefore, you can use Amazon repricing tools to monitor the prices at which your competitors are selling their products.

In all, you should consider advertising your products, giving more discounts and marketing outside Amazon and eBay to other platforms to increase your sales.