Amazon’s individual sellers account or pro merchant account; which would suit your business better?

Do you know that most new Amazon retailers face the tight spot of deciding whether to continue with their individual sellers account, or switch to professional sellers account? Understanding the two accounts and the advantages of running either of them is important in making such decision. In this post, we shall be discussing in details, the features and comparison of the two seller’s accounts, and offering our final thoughts on the account that would suit your business.

Amazon Individual Sellers Account

This account category is meant for people who just want to sell a few products on Amazon. If you are not intending to become a regular seller who sells over 40 products per month on Amazon, then this package is just for you.

Features of Amazon Individual Sellers Account:

  1. No monthly subscription fee is required to operate this account.
  2. You will have to pay a sum of $0.99 on every product sold.
  3. You are entitled to the referral and variable closing fees just like the Pro Merchant account.

Restrictions to Individual Sellers Account:

  1. Third-party services such as Repricer, Inventory Lab and Scoutify are not allowed.
  2. You are not entitled to add new listing (i.e. you cannot add products that are not including in Amazon product listing) to your account.
  3. You are not allowed to sell on restricted category such as grocery, shoes, clothing, personal care, health, etc.
  4. It is ineligible for Buy Box.

Advantages of Individual Sellers Account:

  1. You will only get to pay when your item has been sold.
  2. It is suitable for one-time or few product sellers.
  3. It does not require subscription fees.

Amazon Professional Sellers Account

The Professional Sellers account, which is also known as the Pro Merchant account comes with a subscription fee of $39.99 per month. It is typically meant for every Amazon seller who intends to sell many products on the platform for a long time. It is the most recommended of the two accounts.

Features of Pro Merchant Account:

  1. It comes with a monthly subscription fee of $39.99.
  2. It has no restrictions.
  3. You can enlist new products, apply to sell on restricted category and have more access to sellers report.

Advantages of being a Professional retailer on Amazon

There are several advantages of being a professional retailer on Amazon as against using an individual seller’s account. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Cost Savings: You will get to save more with this account giving the fact that the incremental cost gets smaller the more you sell. Therefore, you will get to sale hundreds of products for the service cost of 40.
  2. Product Bundles: With Pro Merchant account, you can create product bundles by adding as much products as you want to your list. This will help you to give more values to your customers.
  3. New Listing: You are allowed to list new items on with the Pro account. You are also permitted to use third-party software in listing many products at a time.
  4. Restricted Category: The Professional sellers account allows retailers to sell and apply for product listing on the Individual seller restricted category like health products, groceries, clothing, shoes, fashion, jewelries, etc.

It is evident from my tone that I am very much in support of you creating a Professional seller account. You should ensure to create this account now, so that you will get a one month discount offer.


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