It doesn't matter how many times you have tried or applied, We are still able to ungate. 

New accounts are very welcomed. On new accounts we can ungate all the restricted categories and brand names too. 

It takes 12-16 working days to get the approval. However Amazon takes only 3-4 working days to approve a application, but it takes time to get all the required documents. 

Post us a message with the category, brand name or ASIN you want to ungate and we will get back to shortly. 

The suppliers who are authorized by Amazon. Amazon do accept documents only from their authorized supplier. 

No way, Amazon is going to verify each of your documents, so there have no chances to get approval with fake documents. 

We have 100% success rate on ungating and processing  application.  We would like to thank our distributors/suppliers who made it possible. 

We are offering guaranteed ungating services and there have almost no chances not to get approval. But yes, in case we fail there is a 100% money back guarantee. 

We are going to use our own documents, collected from our suppliers, authorized by Amazon. And we will be providing all the required documents you need for the approval. 

We will be making all the communication regarding your application and also will submit all other documents asked by Amazon. 

There have zero risk on your account or on your business because documents we are providing is 100% valid and they can be verified. 

We are very sorry to say you are not eligible to ungate any restricted categories or brand names. We recommend to have a new seller account. 

No, there will have no limitations. But yes, if you have a new Amazon seller account, selling over $30K may get you suspended for a short time and Amazon may ask for additional documents. Like the proof of purchase. 

No, having an professional seller account is a must. 

If you still have questions please do not hesitate to post us. 


Rick Kezdin CEO, Optimally Organic

I thought there was no chances to get approval for topical, as I had tried around 5-6 times from my end. I was almost hopeless, but you all really make it happen. I would like to thank you all for boosting my business.