Key Factors that Determine Higher Product Ranking on Amazon

Developing a strong brand on Amazon market place or other online marketplaces is not an easy fit; it requires understanding of the marketplace, dedication to commitments, diligences and sacrifices. It may thrill you to know that people who make product searches on Google’s search engine are just one-third of the population that search for products on Amazon. The question now is; how often are your products ranked first, when a search for such products are made on Amazon?

Understanding these factors is the ultimate guide to gaining higher product ranking on Amazon. Hence, we would primarily define the key factors, which are significant in Amazon product ranking. Moreover, we shall also be using some of them interchangeably within the context of this article, because of their correlations.

  1. Conversion and Bounce Rates: These rates are statistics used to know how relevant your product description, Product pricing, customer reviews and image quality are able to convince the page visitor into buying your product or leaving the page to search for better products respectively. Amazon values these statistics in ranking products under search results.
  2. Keywords: Amazon ranking algorithm would first gather all products pertaining to a search on its platform based on the search keywords, before ranking and displaying them as search result for the customer to see. Therefore, you should ensure that your product description is keyword rich.
  3. Customer Reviews, Satisfaction and Retention: The satisfaction a customer gets from your product will determine whether he or she will give you a good or bad review, and even buy again from you and from Amazon in general. Therefore, customer’s satisfaction is a significant factor in customer’s retention and good reviews. Since Amazon values these statistics for product ranking, you should ensure that your customers are well satisfied. You should also manage their expectations by not over promising.
  4. Product Category: Amazon’s search engine uses keyword algorithm to determine the product category from which to find results for the searcher, your product may not rank on the search page result if it is wrongly categorized. Therefore, you should endeavor to categorize your products correctly.
  5. Price: Amazon shoppers always look for better deals, discount deals and offers. If your product pricing is fair enough, your sales will increase, leading to increase in conversion rate, higher and better customer’s reviews, satisfaction and retention, and lower bounce rate. Hence, Amazon will rank your product higher.
  6. Product Listing Completeness: This is a relevant product ranking metric, in that the more complete your product-listing field is, the higher your product ranking will be. Therefore, you must ensure to fill up all the blank spaces on your product-listing page.
  7. Product Features and Bullet Point: The use of bullet point in product description on Amazon depicts informative details. Hence, Amazon will rank your product page higher if the description is in bullet point.
  8. Product Description: All features of your product must be fully detailed under product description page. You product description should be inviting, keyword rich, include plenty of images, captions and tech specification.
  9. Brand and Manufacturer Number: If you make a search on Amazon, the first page is usually products with manufacturer’s brand description number within the product title. This would help you to capture customers searching for your brand.
  10. Specifications: The technical and physical description of your product such as size, weight, color, spec, tech, must be available on the specification section for better ranking.

Amazon is a market channel worth optimizing for; hence, you should have all these factors at the back of your mind while working towards higher product ranking.